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Founded June 1st, 1963, J & B Sales Co. covers the commercial and industrial markets in Arizona for the companies we represent and specializes in heat transfer, pumping, boilers, piping and related systems.  We are proud of our combined 300 plus years of experience in our chosen industry.

Bell & Gossett, a Xylem brand, is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient pumps, valves, heat exchangers and accessories for plumbing, wastewater and HVAC — including steam and heat transfer — applications.  Pumps, Hydronic Specialties, Heat Exchanger.

Goulds, Water Technology, a Xylem brand - Pumps, Hydronic Specialties,
Booster Pump Skids

Hoffman Specialty - Steam Traps, Regulators, Steam Specialties

CalDyn California Dynamics Corporation - Inertia Bases & Vibration Isolation

McDonnell and Miller, a Xylem brand - Level Control for Boilers & Pressure Vessels

Domestic Pump - Electric Condensate Pumps

Cemline - Precision Clean Steam Generators, Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters, Concrete-Lined Storage Tanks, Flash and Blowdown Tanks

Eastern Machine - Non-Electric Pressure Energized Pumps

Flex-Hose Co, Inc. - Flexible Connectors, Expansion Joints, Tri-Flex Seismic Protection For Piping, Pipe Hanging Systems

Fulton - Steam Boiler Products, Electric Boilers

HOLBY VALVE - Thermostatic Hot Water Mixing Valve

SIEMENS - Valves & Variable Frequency Drives

Link-Seal - Modular Seals & Sleeves for Though-the-Wall Piping Isolation

Perma-Pipe - Pre-Insulated Piping

Pete's Plugs - PETE’s PLUGS Hot Taps for Pressure & Temperature Gauges

INFLOOR HEATING SYSTEMS - Hydronic & Electric Radiant Heating Systems, Snowmelt, Solar Thermal, Components & Energy Management Systems

TRERICE, Temperature - Pressure - Control - Pressure & Temperature
Gauges, Actuated & Self-Operated Steam Control

Van-Packer Company - Exhaust Piping Systems